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Comment Posted by spider Feb 02, 2011 05:51 AM

The schedule is almost done. It should be up on the site by this evening. All requests have attempted to have been filled. Please realize that if changes need to be made once the schedule has started, that the easiest way is to switch game slots with another set of teams.

Elite and B div playe themselves for an unbalanced schedule.

Div C is combined with Co-Ed, so boys take it easy on those gals. The schedule has ech team play a random number of opponents.


Ties in the standings are who beat who, points diff vs common opponents, and finally a coin toss, if still tied.

Golf dome rules - no spectators on the court
All water must be on the tarp
Please do not go on the field until the tarps are down and the staff has signalled.
No outside alcohol by team personnel or fans (If violated automatci removal from league)
The league has the rental until 1:55am, at which time the building must be cleared.

Kicking rule modification- (also on home page) A ball that is kicked off and lands in the end zone and bounces through, (providing it is not touched) or goes through "on the fly" will be a touchback, and come out to the 20 yard line!!!

Any kick-off that lands in the field of play, then bounces through the end zone without being touched will come out to the Ten yard line.

Any questions, 253-3612

Any teams wishng to practice on the open field may rent out the open time slots for $100.00/hr (two teams $50.00- good deal)

Get ready for the Spring Tournament first of it's kind in the 21st Century!! June 24th, 25th, 26th. (Fees and Format same as Regina) Location 3 fields at Tec Voc and 3 Fields at Rods field, sponsored by Boston Pizza on St. James and Ness.

Have fun!

Comment Posted by marc Feb 02, 2011 12:13 PM

The rest of the regular season schedule is up now.

Comment Posted by spider Feb 02, 2011 06:09 PM

Thanks once again MJ!


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