• The game is played with 5 on 5
  • Field is 52 yards x 30 yards with 7 yard end zones
  • 2 x 29 minute halves = game length
  • each team is allowed a single 1 minute time out per half, and a "floating" 30 second time out, useable in either half
  • one hand touch anywhere except the head
  • kickoffs and kicks after safety and single points are from the goal line
  • converts may be attempted from 5 yards out and are worth 1 point. Converts from 10 yards out are worth 2 points
  • any ball that hits the roof on a kick is placed on the ground directly below where the ball hit the roof
  • To score the familiar "rouge" the ball carrier must be tagged in the end zone. Any ball that travels through the end zone without being touched, results in a "touchback" and comes out to the 10 yard line where the receiving team starts it's possession
  • Ties in the final standings will be broken by first the head to head match up, and secondly, if the tied teams have not played each other, or no clear decision can be made by "who beat who," a convert tie-breaker overtime, will be used as a "pre- play-off," playoff to determine who gets the final ranking in the standings
  • All other rules are similar to the outdoor game. Canadian Touch Football Rule books can be obtained by calling Football Manitoba 925-5770, or going to the Touch Football Ontario web site, and download their version of the rules.
  • Any other interpretations, not covered by the rule book and Indoor changes noted on this post are subject, are subject to the Head referees judgement and the league administration.

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