Mazur's Indoor Touch Football League

The league celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2005 with 29 teams and 5 divisions. A 3rd year fall league had 9 teams in 2 divisions. In 2006, a record, 47 teams participated

Each team plays 5 games. In larger divisions, the top 4 teams will meet in a play-off. In smaller divisions (7 teams or less), the 1st and 2nd place team will play in the Championship Final directly. Attempts to consider all requests are always taken into consideration.

In the event of a tie in the standings, the team with the best record against each other will determine the higher placing team. If the head to head match up does not apply, the "convert" tiebreaker will be applied for the teams tied.

Please note the following:
  • All beverages must be consumed on the tarp, provided by the Golfdome Staff.
  • Teams are not allowed on any part of the playing surface until 10:30.Players and Coaches are allowed on the playing surface. All- other non-team personel, must remain off the playing surface
  • No player will be allowed to play without having completed the waiver form completely.
  • No chairs are allowed on the playing surface.
  • The facility is licensed and includes the tee-off boxes. Therefore, no outside alcoholic beverages are allowed to be"brought in"

Modified CAFA Touch Rules apply, except for written Indoor rule changes. The organizers reserve the right to make changes for the facilitation of the league. Due to the facility, rough tags may result in player expulsion. The primary means of communication will bethrough the web-site and team rep e-mails. Therefore a team rep must provide a permanent e-mail address.

Stats will be posted weekly at the site, e-mailed to those who want copies and provide their address, as well as posted on this website.


The Golfdome playing field is 52 yards long, with 10 yard end zones. All but one boundary line is in close proximity with "hazards." The hazards are the "walls" of the inflated air dome structure. The billowing affect created by the air blowers, used to keep the dome "inflated" are misleading. The winter of 1996 provided extended periods of large amounts of snow fall, coupled with below average freezing temperature. This served to surround the lower portions of the dome, (the walls), with frozen, hard packed snow. Those "pillow look-a-like" walls, became as hard as the carpeted, concrete floor.

The second and third boundary that present a challenge are the presence of the tee-off boxes and the upper deck support pillars, located near the end zones. The field is placed parallel to the lights, and that resulted in one very well lit sideline next to the tee- off boxes. Secondly, like many old American football stadiums, (Buffalo New York's War Memorial stadium) the area around the end zones, was "compact."

The playing surface is essentially a cement floor covered with a green carpet. It provides sufficient traction, however, it really was not intended for the purpose of people cutting, stopping, and diving. As a result, the seams on occasion begin to pull away. The illusion of playing on grass, provides players with a false sense of security. This was soon realized, either by their aching joints, or for those who had the misfortune of diving on it, no cushioning effect.

The last unique effect of the Indoor game regarding the facility, were the shadows created by the less than full lighting. This results in the effect of creating a shadow side of the field, and a lighted side. Often, the ball will go through three "light zones" as it flies through the air. Some players shave said their depth perception is affected, while others would simply, lose the ball, either in the shadows, or the lights!

Strategy and Skills

A. Skills

The next section focuses on the different effects of the indoor game on skills and strategy. In reference to the facility, (field size - 52 yards long, with 10 yard end zones, and 45 yards wide.) The ball is always scrimmaged from the center of the field.(no hash marks) However, because of the size limitation, players had to be aware of where they are on the field, so as to prevent injury. (Do not run into those walls!)

The lighting also affects the players, (as mentioned) as it is similar to a night game, outside. Shadows are created, and at times the ball seems to come out of the lights. This actually forces the receivers to really concentrate on the ball. The receiver can see the pass leave the quarterback's hand, but then loses it, in the lights, and finally picks it up as it comes out of the lights, and enters the shadowed area, just before arriving at the "blinded" receiver. As mentioned, the Dome provides the necessity of really having to concentrate on the ball!!

The small dimensions of the field create many unique differences from the outdoor game. First of all, everyone seems really fast. This may be an optical illusion created by the confined playing area. The field is narrower, therefore, coverage is tighter, there is less room to run, and the zones are more compact, width wise. Players have to be more efficient, and when they escape coverage, they appear to burst out of the pack!!

The narrower field has produced a number of significant results that coaches might want to consider, when instructing young players in skill fundamentals. First, the narrower field, meant that the receivers have less room to work, therefore, all of their moves have to be quicker, more precise, and sharper. The effect of the shadow, requires improved concentration. Third, because of the narrow field, their toughness is tested, as there is often some contact, during their patterns.

Quarterbacks, also have to be more accurate in their short throws, as the distance between zones is often 2 - 3 yards.. Finally, the lack of wind, creates ideal playing conditions inside the dome.

B. Strategy

"You can score from anywhere on the field"

Strategy featured the realization that a touchdown was potentially worth 9 points. The regular scoring play was worth 6 points, the 2 point convert attempt, and the subsequent kick-off, from the kicking teams goal-line often resulted in a single point. However, the more interesting aspect of play was the ability to score from anywhere on the field. Experienced teams usually score over 40 points a game.

The most appropriate strategy appeared to be to get the defense to come up short, and send one man deep. Basically, it would look like the receiver exploded out of the pack. As with the small field, once he got a step on the DB, the lack of an angle, usually eliminated the DB, and a score resulted. Needless to say, this provided the interested spectators with many exciting plays.

It is tremendous to witness the number of football players and fans that brave the cold temperature in the dead of winter, at 10:00 p.m. and 11:30 at night.The idea for the league had been a long time coming. For those athletes who aspire to be successful in football, or for those who just want to get out of the house. Indoor Touch Football league provides that opportunity.

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