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Comment Posted by spider Oct 24, 2011 06:40 PM

Well that's another year under the books..been playin touch since 1976 when the Furnaceman Flames asked me out for a game or two on a Sunday when I wasn't playin Bisons.....been around ever since....a five decade man!!! They had blocking!!! I was on punt coverage and it was like a slaughter out there...I thought CIS tackle football was a lot less dangerous!! Thank God I went back to Bisons for a few more years!

Oh well!

The more things change, the more they stay the same...hmmmmm! But......have we seen a changing of the guard??? Yes and maybe no???

Assassins came back and won their umptenth Championship in the WTFL/UTFL cross over league. The Assassins beat the Doggs by one point as Jeff Kull was the hero on both offense and defence. Kull interceptd the Doggs attempted go ahead TD pass in the Assassins end zone with under three minutes to play to preserve the lead...then as the Assassins needed to get a first down to end the game and kill the clock,. the one and the same Jeff Kull, made a crucual 3rd down catch on a corner route to get the first down.

So, has the guard changed? Assassins played poorly at Nationals, and lets just say they won the B side National Championship. That would make 4 National Championships for the Assassins. Two National Intermediate titles and 2 Western National Championships in 1999 and 2000!

So what's the future hold???? Well Doggs with their 8 man squad were pretty impressive. Imagine having a couple more players and how good they could be? Then there is the Lynxx, who actually look like the best team at times but can't seem to get over the hump when needed. But boy are they good.

Then there's the Dream team!!!But only the Dream team when they have all their guys!! But hey if ya still have tackle eligibility, ya gotta go...but when those guys all get back from tackle......Wow!

So has the guard changed?? It would appear so, is always the case, if each of those teams gets all their guys out, we could have the "on any given Sunday" scenario..... Of course talk is cheap, but hey just's good to know that we have the number one team in Canada residing in Winnipeg, (Avengers) and that we also have a possible 3 at least other teams nipping at their heels, just itching to knock them off....

The next season is oh just a few more months away. and Indoor bekons....Assassins and Doggs in the Golfdome league....Wonder if any of the other top teams will take up the challenge?

And with that Brad Kelm is proposing a new "BK Elite" League featuring all those 5-6 teams. He has said they would play a 12? game shedule of round robin play, and would of course still presumably play back in whatever other league of their choosing they would like to get other competition in.

Sounds like a plan.

Now a preview of what might be is also shaping up in the Golfdome league with the Doggs and Assassins already signed up to play, and the Avengers also inquiring about, will we get a preview of the future in the Golfdome league during the Winter???

Time to go out and scout out some more players. Anyone out there think they are good enough to play elite level ball? I'd love to se a new team created with new younger guys to start to challenge these established teams.....time to go scoutin...

awlllll right already picked up one super receiver......c'mon boys take up the challenge, let's put together a great new team, and rattle the status quo.


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