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Comment Posted by spider Feb 02, 2011 06:37 PM


Interesting weekend coming up. The Dome league starts, and the NFL of happy and sad....Did I ever tell ya I was at the SuperBowl in Tampa a couple years ago?, and again, I will be at the Golfdome on SuperBowl Sunday!!!

What a life! making history again.

Yup This Sunday kicks off the 16th? season of Indoor football in the Province of Manitoba. It all started back in the winter of 1996, with a one night? or was it two tournament. The fields went cross ways back then, were not lined, and presented different challenges regarding the lighting.

And here we are 16 years? later. Is it 16 or 15? Hey age is just a number, plus math was not my major!

Anyway the scoop on the scope of things to come.....

The Assassin Legends(Classics) vs. Shonuff... er Old vs. New..should be interesting and can you say,.."Bombs away?" score should be 60-55. I do have calculators for the refs!

Adamantium vs.TAK... What are these guys doing in B division???? They'd probably wipe up in Elite? This will be a war!

Campbell's Soup vs the legendary Greyhounds. This one will be like the line from that movie.....What was it called? "Ya never know what you'll get in a box of chocolates.." something like that.

3rd and Schlong vs Wonderboys.....a couple of new teams going at it....anyone have any inside dope on this one.....

Warriors vs Adele's Belles - Warriors have the best Uniforms of any Indoor team! Plus as a new team they were like a fine wine (which they probably haven't sampled in their young lives yet)..they got better with age....well as little aging as one can get in a first 6 week season. But they were clickingin theirplay-off game last year and narrowly lost a close game.

vs. Adele's Belles. Little is known about this co-ed team, other than the girls will be prettier than the guys, andwill have less facial hair!....just kidding. They including the boys will be,er are very pretty. Should be a wonderfully interesting game to watch.
Admission is free to the dome on Opening weekend.

and we'll have better weather than in Dallas!

The closer on Super Bowl Sunday is betwen two new teams Couer de Bois and Phish. Do you fremember when we had the Festival du Voyageur winter Snow tournament? At Provencher School, Provencher park and St, Boniface College? Some of the field was covered in 3- 4 foot deep snow!!! The best part was going back to Franco's bar or the time we ended back at the Fort Gibralter in tents, and stayed and sampled the local fare..until midnite. Who said it was cold out? Didn't even notice it!

Alright Boys and Girls, lock up your daughters, cause the boys (OK and girls) are back in town, and it's time to kick off the Football season (literally) at the Original home of Indoor Touch Football, the that original headline said in the sun....."It may be 20 below outside, but it was 20 above inside." ...and those refs want to go to Cuba!!!!C'mon BLHQBIM


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